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Service provided by

Service provided by

There is an anonymous instant messenger that can save you the trouble of arranging a meeting with someone by emailing them, and then when they check their email you can do a Gayconnect-free chat with strangers. This is the kind of service that’s provided by

One thing you will have to keep in mind with Gayconnect is that it doesn’t matter if they are gay, straight, or somewhere in between. They don’t care. Their goal is to help you make new friends, and if they can’t find anyone you’ll be glad that you didn’t join Gayconnect.

If you go with Gayconnect, they’ll have an offer for you to try out by emailing them a little introduction. You will then have an opportunity to look through their members’ list, and if they think you’re something special you’ll be instantly connected.

Gayconnect offer

Gayconnect offer

It isn’t hard to get a Gayconnect-free chat with strangers. You can find a lot of interesting people by searching for groups like MeetUps and find contacts by name. If you have a friend who doesn’t know anyone yet, send them the Gayconnect offer and invite them to join.

If you live in the Washington DC area, you might want to send a postcard to a friend in the states, so they know there’s a local business you can visit. Your friends may take the time to reply. Chances are good that they won’t get around to sending you an email.

A Gayconnect mailing list is inexpensive and easy to set up. Even if you can’t find anyone locally, you may find a gaynetworker in the UK, and they may be available to meet. The Internet is an international community, and when you give yourself a chance to meet someone, the ability to do a Gayconnect-free chat with strangers happens easily. offers free web and email services to its members. Everyone gets twenty minutes free email and web access for life. To use the free services, you must register first. Members can add other friends, start chat rooms, and send each other live updates on events.

If you’re bored with the idea of meeting someone through, then perhaps you should use the regular dating services available. It’s easier than ever to find a date. After all, there are many dating sites that have a built-in facility for sending anonymous emails.

Check out electronic bulletin boards for singles

Check out electronic bulletin boards for singles

You can learn about all the local singles and arrange to meet up with someone who lives in your area.

Perhaps you’re a bit shy, but aren’t comfortable meeting someone through Gayconnect. Try to get a group together and get your confidence back. That way, when you do finally meet up with someone, you’ll be more confident.

You can also visit the dating sites for the gay and lesbian community. If you go with a gayconnector, you might be able to get a nice match that way.

Finally, do your homework and use the resources that are available to you. You might not always know someone’s phone number, but with Gayconnect you can take advantage of the huge databases available to you.

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