Loan despite affidavit.

There must be serious reasons for a consumer to seek a loan despite an affidavit. After all, the legislature stipulates that in such a situation, you cannot incur debts. And even the banks will not agree to borrow after signing an affidavit.

After all, there is a lack of the very much desired collateral that must always go hand in hand with lending. So how can the urgent desire for a loan be fulfilled in such a difficult situation? And where can you get a loan despite an affidavit?

The house bank doesn’t help

The house bank doesn

Since there is a very firm rule in Germany for granting a loan, you will not have a chance at the house bank to get a loan despite an affidavit. The affidavit says that you are unable to pay. The loan installments could not be serviced and the bank has no reason to approve a loan or loan.

It is usually a long way to get an affidavit. Debts have accumulated that could not be paid. And garnishments have already been sought, which were not successful despite the lack of financial and material resources. And since the affidavit is deposited in the Credit bureau, the bank automatically learns about it when applying for a loan.

The only way to get a loan from the house bank is if a second borrower can be named to take full financial responsibility for the loan. At best, he has a regular and high income. There are no negative Credit bureau entries and there are no further financial burdens.

A loan from abroad

A loan from abroad

On the Internet you can always read about loans from abroad that are granted even without a Credit bureau query. Most of these loans come from Switzerland. These are small loans that are granted when the prospect can prove a high income and other collateral. The reason for not using a Credit bureau query is that foreign companies have no access to the data. The money is not carelessly lent out.

Rather, these banks will also require high levels of collateral. So you can have a positive influence on the approval if you can name a guarantor and offer material collateral such as a capital life insurance or high-quality items. Since you cannot offer these guarantees with an affidavit, it will also be very difficult to get a loan despite an affidavit.

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